Eco Friendly Products


Sap Ash flooring finished using Waterlox Tung Oil

New Sap Ash flooring in Windsor NC finished with Waterlox Tung Oil


We offer water base finishes from different companies like Bona and Waterlox.

A customer who is an interior decorator told us that the floors we finished 7 years ago still look great. We used Waterlox finish on her floors.

Bamboo flooring is becoming more popular with some customers. Bamboo grows very fast. We have installed and refinished bamboo flooring for customers and they love it.


Utilizing Dust Containment:


Oneida logo for dust containment sanding

Oneida Dust containment system picture

Oneida Dust containment system set up for sanding hardwood floors

We use the Oneida Air System for Dust Containment in your home or business. You can see the picture demonstrates how the system is set up.

Hepa Air Filters are used to contain the small dust particles.

When the floors are sanded the dust comes up into the the cyclone and passes out thru the hose and goes into the steel drum where all of the dust is contained in a plastic bag.

There is another Hepa Air Filter on top of the Vacuumed system that filters more of the fine dust particles.

Oil Base Polyurethane

We also use oil base polyurethane with low VOC.

Satin Oil Base Finish used

Satin Oil Base Finish used after hardwood restoration

What are VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)? Look around your home and you can find lots of products with different kinds of chemicals. From building products to house hold cleaners.

Most of our customers prefer the look of oil base polyurethane.




Staining hardwood floors:

Think about what color of stain you want to use on your hardwood floors and what you are trying to achieve with the stain.

stained sanded hardwood floor

Gun stock stain after restoration with semi gloss finish.

Those old stains that will not come out of your floor add a little bit of Nostalgia to the floor and they may bring back some fond memories of years gone by.

Note: Staining the floor dark helps to tone down a floor that has those dark (nostalgic) stains in the wood and camouflage those areas.

The dark colors look great and warm in a large room up but if your rooms are small the dark stain can make the room look smaller.

Lighter color stains make the room feel more open and spacious of course this is my option.