Dust from sanding hardwood floors:

Oneida Dust containment system picture

Utilizing Oneida Dust containment system set up for hardwood floor sanding

December 28th, 2012

Utilizing Dust Containment:

A big concern for customers today is all of the dust that can be made by sanding their floors.

Customers tell us that they remember the last time the floors were sanded and all of the dust they had to clean up for weeks. This is the number one reason for not getting the hardwood floors sanded and refinished. They are afraid of the Dust!

In the past dust bags were used to help contain the dust but as the floors are being sanded the atmosphere is filled with a lot of dust particles.

If you work in the hardwood floor industry think of the long term effects of prolonged exposure to air born dust. And consider purchasing a dust containment system for your business. Our company uses the Oneida Air System and our customers love it.

 There are companies that still use dust bags and most rental companies rent the equipment with dust bag, there is just a lot more to clean up when you use dust bags.

It does take more time setting up and using the dust containment system instead of using the dust bags but thinks about your employee’s and your customers.

The air breathed in the work area is much better for workers and the home owner.

We use the Oneida Air System in your home or business. You can see the picture demonstrates how the system is set up and how it works. Hepa Air Filters are used to contain the small dust particles in the work area.

Customers with allergies problems have been extremely pleased with the Oneida dust containment system we use.

There is still a very, very small amount of dust but some of our customers have told us that there was no dust.

Hope this helps you in making a choice in deciding to have your floors sanded.

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Thanks Bill Etheridge